Shift & direct your Vibration through Energetic Wisdom Knowledge that guides you in living a Spiritually Connected & Soul Aligned Life and infuse Sacred Energy in your Home, Family, and Work

Explore your True Essence

Embody your Creative Magic

Flourish from the Inside Out

It is your birthright to unapologetically be in the fullness of your unique gifts, claim your space in this world, and create life from the Highest Spiritual Levels.



We are designed to be the natural leaders, changemakers, artists, teachers, and healers of this world. We mother, guide, nurture and take care of everyone around us.
And most of us struggle to receive, and to make room for the kind of self-care that supports us to remain steady within our energy in these times of upheaval.

Perhaps you can relate?

Real self-care, beyond temporary fixes, is about honoring ourselves and our passions as we unfold who we truly are and flourish in alignment with our purpose within the flow of Universal Energy.

We all deserve a sacred space of connection with other heart-centered women.

A home where we can be ourselves, held in grace, and receive guidance & wisdom.

And that’s why I created my Beauty Flourishing Collective…

  • To make profound energetic knowledge practical & relevant to your life and provide sacred ritual teachings to empower you to be more fully connected to your own divinity
  • To point you to your own deep connection within the rhythms of nature, the sun, and the moon, for a truly fulfilling life
  • To tap into your intuition and see the Magic & Miracles in all things where even daily activities become a sacred practice
  • To create from a vibrant space of self-expression, as you embody your unique nature and fulfill your Soul Purpose

How would it feel . . .

if you were supported and mentored within a Sisterhood that validates the use of spiritual tools & sacred rituals?

To grow through profound teachings that used to only be taught in wisdom schools and handed down from teacher to student. These are the building blocks of our reality that shape our lives?

To unlock a deeper sense of purpose, fulfillment, and wholeness in your life, no matter what's going on around you?

It’s not selfish!

It’s actually VITAL that we make self-development a priority & fill our own cup.

Any discontent always comes from unconsciously resisting our own expansion.

Let that sink in!


I have created a laid out path for you. . .

to finally overcome energy blocks, step into your full power, develop your gifts, align with your soul purpose, and make empowered decisions.

And to cultivate balanced energy, deep confidence & peace, and easily incorporate holistic self-care routines and rituals for a fulfilled life.

WHAT IF I HANDED YOU THE KEYS TO this beautiful prepared ground

An Online Space for You to Flourish. . .

in a self-paced, curated experience that meets you where you are.

It's like a beautiful seed that finally has fertile soil to germinate and manifest to its fullest capacity. 

You get the tools, the secret sauce we are not usually taught to be EMPOWERED, so you can work WITH Energy, and direct your life & environment around you.

An environment where you are supported, on your journey of unfolding and creating your unique path of thriving and growing spiritually & creatively, by me & our circle of like-minded women.

Whatever you require energetically, you'll find it inside. Available anytime, anywhere, with easy access & the most visually beautiful layout on any device!

It's all just waiting there for you to explore and grow!

Yes, I'm ready ➡
This is your invitation to become part of my online Membership for Women. . .

It's about time we create lasting & abundant health, wealth, and well-being in every particle of ourselves and our lives and leave a legacy of empowerment for future generations!

I look forward to welcoming you inside!
Your Spiritual Circle of women
with everything you need to support you on your life journey

Engage within the energetic flow - and shift the paradigm from REACTING to CONSCIOUSLY CREATING a MEANINGFUL and ENRICHED LIFE!


You're going to



powerful resources at your fingertips anytime, anywhere through our

Beauty Flourishing Collective Portal & all the other ways to connect 

Monthly Seasonal Explorations, Living in the Flow with the Moon Cycles, Creating in Harmony with the Elements, Healthy & Holistic Living, Ancient Wisdom & Quantum Field Knowledge, Transformational Tools & Crafts, and Facebook Live Meditations & Teachings. Accessible on all devices!

No matter where you are on your spiritual path, the multidimensional aspects of BFC will take you further in a safe space of open exploration.


Every Month we focus on a different theme in line with the specific energy of the season. This includes Spiritual Teachings & Traditions, suggestions like learnng a new Mantra, creatively coloring a high frequency Mandala which I create for you. Altar setting, Meditations, Crystals, Essential Oils, infusing and weaving Energetic Principles and Rituals into daily life. 


Take a front seat as I share profound Spiritual Teachings, that you can watch at your own pace. Be transformed by powerful Meditations & tune inward with Journaling guidance. Return peace and calm to your life as you connect deeper with your inner being.. Be inspired to create, and remember your passions.


Be part of our Facebook group exclusively for Beauty Flourishing, where you will be welcomed into our nurturing community of like-minded women. This is also the place where you have access to me, and where I host weekly FB lives with guidance and meditations, and dive deeper into the monthly themes for continued support.

 Zoom get-togethers

Several times per year we get together with a Zoom Meetup. 
As part of our Collective you are invited to spend time with me and all the amazing women in our Collective for dates, like our virtual Coffee & Tea or our Vision Board Workshop. This is a time to connect, create, and share with each other.


Every Monday you'll receive your weekly email-journal in your inbox, where I share updates, specials and anything else related to our community and beyond. You will also have first pick to new programs, classes, and retreats I host. In the journal you will also learn about member specials to other programs & classes I offer!

Your own daily practice

What it comes down to essentially is that you get the ideas, inspirations, and tools to stay on track. Through weaving together all the support you receive, it makes it easy for you to establish a way of life where you more easily incorporate Energetic & Holistic practices into your way of being here. And that's what i's all about!

When you join our Beauty Flourishing Collective,
you receive complimentary access to my

Flourish Your Beauty Inner Sanctum

Your daily Private Audio Guide for Living a Spiritually Connected & Soul-Aligned Life. Filled with Wisdom, Empowerment, and Creative Abundance to support and activate you in your Flourishing within the Sacred Feminine.

This Subscription (value $14 month $140 annual) is included in your Beauty Flourishing Collective Membership

Your Guided Evolution through each year includes these Monthly Themes

January - Energetic Self-Care & Nourishment
February - Aligned Vision & Creative Manifestation
March - Transforming Your Life through Gratitude
April - Recharging Your Energy Field
May - Creating Sacred Space
June - Golden Light Activation
July - Directing & Mastering Energy
August - Embodying the Sacred Feminine
September - Resetting Your Internal Clock & Youthing
October - Energetic Clearing & Space Protection
November - Ancestral Healing
December - Oracle Divination

Become Empowered as you Activate & Unfold your growth in the flow with the natural rhythms and cycles of the seasons

(no matter what time of the year you join)


Sign Me Up Now ➡

The 5 Foundational Pillars of the Beauty Flourishing Movement

These pillars are the themes that show up throughout our Collective. At their core, they cultivate Sisterhood in the Sacred Feminine and support you in multi-dimensional ways to nurture your Body, Mind, and Spirit connection.

These are the Spiritual Foundations of Life

Hi, I'm Silke 



Living & creating in the countryside of Tennesse with my husband Tim and our Cats Cutie-Pie & Maple Spice.

My mission is to activate women to embody their soul essence, step into the fullness of who they are, and flourish from the inside out. 

As a Master Energy Healer, Master Hypnotherapist, Award-winning Artist, and Leading Spiritual Teacher, I have used this eclectic background to intentionally weave layers of healing and high frequencies into every aspect of what you receive inside our Collective.

Experiencing expansion and growth doesn’t always have to be hard. It can also be fun!

These layers of multi-dimensional guidance and support within this online learning environment raise your vibration automatically every time you engage with the materials.

The value in any learning is about the substance of information transferred. And I have spent over 30 years studying and practicing spiritual traditions and a multitude of healing modalities. I can now give in a way where it is condensed and impactful for you.

I use my skills and knowledge to build, foster, and nurture a meaningful sacred community. 

For the past five years, I’ve compiled much of my knowledge & lifestyle into this beautiful online container so that you can assimilate and absorb these tools for a spiritually connected life.

It's time to make yourself and your personal growth a priority! I am dedicated to giving from my Highest Soul Level, sharing these Keys to support you, so you can fully tap into your gifts and flourish!

"It’s like opening the door to this huge, just beautiful resort!" 

For any woman looking for love, peace, joy, encouragement, relaxation, knowledge, inspiration - Beauty Flourishing is there waiting. All you have to do is go through the door and you’ll love it!
It’s like opening the door to this huge, just beautiful resort.
Good teachers like Silke inspire you, and I’ve been inspired.

Tammie Ballard, Founding Member

Curious what's inside? I made a walk-through just for you!

Get a behind-the-scenes introduction to our Collective Portal, the home of the teachings, meditations, recipes, and tutorials. Click the video below to take a peek.


Beauty Flourishing Collective

is the place to reignite your essence if you are:

  • ready to commit to showing up for yourself - your own healing & well-being , even if spiritual healing feels new and a little scary right now
  • excited to learn from alternative approaches & a variety of spiritual traditions, no matter what your religious background is
  • longing to be connected with the elements, the gifts of the seasons, and the rhythms of the moon, as a natural part of your life here on earth
  • craving to nurture your creative side & learn transformational tools for a deep sense of fulfillment, knowing that this is essential in your well-being
  • longing for a sisterhood where you can be vulnerable, and share in giving & receiving, where it is ok to be "woo" and different
  • ready to let your gifts blossom so you can impact & enrich the world, regardless of where you are starting from

If this resonates with you, then I can assure you that Beauty Flourishing will make a huge impact in your life!

Access the same tools & processes I use in my life and in my Healing & Hypnotherapy Practice

It's all there for you, all you have to do is to step through the door

Explore inside

Beauty Flourishing Collective

 and enrich your life



Don’t ignore it and do whatever you can to make it happen

Joining Beauty Flourishing was the BEST decision I made and a gift I gave myself! If you feel drawn in any way to engage with Silke, don’t ignore it and do whatever you can to make it happen for you.
Investing in yourself in a deep, meaningful way will change you for the better and enrich your life. 

Britt Pearson

I feel lighter, hopeful, joyful, and excited about life and all the beauty and magic that surrounds me

I just recently joined Beauty Flourishing Collective. And I wanted to share that I so totally LOVE it! Silke has in there literally everything I’ve been wanting to learn about, all in one place! And it’s super smooth to navigate.

I feel lighter, hopeful, joyful, and excited about life and all the beauty and magic that surrounds me every moment. It’s like being in a more feminine version of Harry Potter, without having to travel to the school. 

Christina Beebe

It is like being connected to a frequency that is constantly fine-tuned in loving prayers for you

Beauty Flourishing is a great adjunct to any place you are at this moment in your life.
It is like being connected to a frequency that is constantly fine-tuned in loving prayers for you, no matter where you are, and always taking you a step higher than before.
As a mom of 2 kids under 2, I would not have continued to invest in this if I hadn't found the backbone of inner strength it provided me. 

Liberata Carey

Beauty Flourishing Collective is Your Spiritual Inner Circle that supports You

When you join, you will receive immediate access to our BFC online Portal & our exclusive FB group with

  • Guided Meditations, Easy-to-follow Spiritual Themes & built-in accountability
  • A supportive community of like-minded women to connect with
  • Endless spiritual tools and wisdom teachings to support, encourage and enchant you along your path of healing & expansion
  • And as a member, you receive discounts to other programs & classes I offer!
    PLUS Monthly Teachings and continuous support in a safe environment


I promise that you will LOVE our BFC! 

But if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can cancel anytime, and the cancellation will be effective at the end of your billing cycle. There are no conditions or “Fine Print”. 


Enjoy all the goodness that being a member gives you when you choose either plan.

(Pay upfront for the Annual Plan, and get 2 months FREE)


  • Tools & Recipes for Self-Care & Creativity
  • Transformational Guided Meditations
  • Deep Spiritual Teachings
  • Access to our exclusive FB group 
  • Community Zoom Calls


Included in your membership:

  • Access to the Audio Subscription
  • Private Resource Page  


  • The Essentials for Your Spiritual Practice 
  • Living in the Flow with the Moon Cycles
  • Creating in Harmony with the Elements
  • Exploring the Quantum Field
  • Ancient Wisdom Teachings 
  • Healthy & Holistic Living
  • Transformational Tools and Crafts
  • Medicine Bag Sacred Tools & Teachings
  • FB Live Meditations & Guest Interviews  

Monthly Plan


per month


Annual Plan


yearly, save $94


Still Got Questions?

one last thing

I am here to tell you that . . .

Everything you are looking for is right inside of you. It’s been there all along!

You are a powerful woman who deserves to fully honor, nurture, and love herself.

When you align with the highest vibrations, life opens new paths for you to live an enchanted, blessed life.

And our Collective guides you in connecting with your true being, the natural flow of energy, and the Universe.


Open the door, and I'll see you inside!