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Your Space to Flourish & Activate Your Fullest Life

For the Female Leaders, Teachers, and Healers of the World

with Silke Tyler, MHt , LBLt
Master Healer, Leading Spiritual Teacher & Mentor to Women
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Dear women

You’ve been hearing the inner call to live your fullest life to your highest purpose, refueled and enriched from within, and thriving in full alignment with your Soul Path. 

Maybe you are . . .

  • Experiencing expansion of your consciousness and are seeking clarity on your path
  • Feeling alone in your spiritual progress and craving like-minded connections
  • Leading others and need that safe space to be held and empowered, yourself
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the options of Spiritual resources and not sure how to distill their essence 

Whatever the case . . .

Your Soul's longing for the realization of your highest potential has brought you here.

Whether you are...

  • An Energy Healer ready to facilitate more deeply profound healings for your clients
  • A Leader ready to shine your brightest light and inspire others through your example
  • A Nurturer who deserves to be uplifted and have your own cup filled
  • An Influencer committed to impacting your following from a strong authentic inner core   

Welcome Home . . .

You are in the right place! 

This is your time,

and the Golden Lotus Center is your space!

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See your life blossom and flourish

as you energetically shift & influence your environment 

HEAL -  from the inside out and energetically raise your vibration like never before, so you can direct your life from a calm and strong core with balanced energy

LEARN - the Ancient Wisdom Teachings that elevate you into a whole new way of being to safely open up to your intuition and trust your instincts implicitly

CREATE - your life from this new vantage point, amplify your impact and influence the energy around you just with your presence

TRANSFORM - to new heights in your life and generate a ripple effect around you of well-being and abundance in line with your highest soul potential

from a Heart-Centered & Aligned Space, guided by the Sacred Feminine

The world needs women like you, who are here to flourish their gifts, influence through their authentic power, and make a positive impact.

The Golden Lotus Center, and the tools it offers, was created to help you on your path of Awakening to your highest potential.

Everything starts from within by opening to your Soul Purpose and

Activating Your Sacred  Path

because when you shift your inner world, your outer world WILL transform. It is the way of our Universe!

Hi, I'm Silke,

as the founder of the Golden Lotus Center, and the Flourish Your Beauty movement, I offer a full-spectrum road map of training and healing opportunities to you with my online collective for women, ‘Beauty Flourishing’, at the core, as well as Healing sessions in person and online via Zoom calls, as well as 1:1 Mentoring.

With every empowered woman who understands her soul purpose, and how to activate her qualities from the inside out, more harmony and beauty (instead of conflict) is created in the world. These women go forth to lead and influence from their highest potential to create new possibilities of wholeness, well-being, and abundance in themselves, their families, their spaces, and in this world.

Everything offered through the center weaves together multi-dimensional resources for you, created to open your channels to the highest frequencies to activate multiple levels of healing, learning, creating, and transforming.

You deserve to fully embody who you were always meant to be!

Study from anywhere in the world through our online collective and courses, and start changing the trajectory of your life today.

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Connect with me

“If you want energy moved with results, have a session with Silke.

She is Magic!”

~ Robin Sabine

Let yourself flourish

  • Discover more about your own energetic potential for healing and growth
  • Connect with other wonderful women on the same journey
  • Honor yourself and your passions within sacred rituals & the grace of your own divinity

through my online Membership for Women

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" Beauty Flourishing is like a Subscription Box for your Soul. "

~Britt Pearson, Beauty Flourishing Member

“I can't recommend working with Silke enough! If you have the opportunity to work with her, jump on it. Jump on it, right now, because it will change your  life, and you will walk away changed. It will change who you are on this planet, and who you show up as in your life."

~ Stephanie Stiavetti
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“The very center of your heart is where life begins.

The most beautiful place on earth." 

~ Rumi


Feel the sparkling embrace of life's magic & miracles each and every week when you join my Sacred Feminine Journal! 

You'll receive uplifting emails from me with 

  • energy forecasts, for untold awareness and connection
  • inspirations and guidance from the heart
  • deep spiritual teachings  & recipes for body and soul

Plus, you'll be the first to hear about my upcoming classes, courses & special offers.  

I can't wait to welcome you! With love, Silke

"I just love Silke's email journals. They even have their own folder on my computer! It's nice to be able to go back and re-read her little nuggets of goodness."

~ Amber Martin


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