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There is a deep longing for something real in all of us. We desire encouragement to honor the full complexity of womanhood through all our nuances and stages so we don’t lose momentum.  

Frankly, if we want to have the capacity to lead our lives with powerful energy, we must grow ourselves consistently. Otherwise, it is too easy to revert to old patterns. 

Let's begin by releasing the goal-oriented way of thinking we've been programmed to have and expanding our consciousness beyond it. Moving into an organic approach of Unfolding & Manifestation within the joy of life expressing itself.  There is powerful energy within this expansion through the Sacred Feminine. 

And you are not behind. You are in the exact right place, right now!
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. . . on your path to becoming the Wise Woman, the Wisdom Keeper of this generation, and the generations still to come. And in each Flourish Your Beauty Premium Podcast episode, I will be here to activate within you the embodiment of your authentic essence, and support you in these times of change - in just a few soul-enriching minutes each day.

Because this is who we are. This is who you are!
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Welcome and what to expect


What does it mean to Flourish Your Beauty?


Dance with the edges of your Feminine Expression
Sharing with you September 29th
Episode #58 - Light up the World
Sharing with you November 16th
Episode #91 - Your Magic
I want to be in the flow of Magic every day

You do not have to walk this path alone 

Stand in the full presence of your being, including your edges, as they are your most powerful resource. No more shrinking down! And I will show you how as we take this journey together - step by step.

Let's dance together with the edges of our feminine expression!

Our energy will always fluctuate, and we lose the consistency in staying connected, but when you stick with me, I’ll keep returning you to your highest energies, so you can:

  • Activate your unique expression & Flourish your Creative Abundance  
  • Experience ease through your continued Alignment to Source Energy
  • Become more confident in trusting your intuition & following your guidance
  • Silence your inner critic & break apart your limitations
  • Allow the unfolding & focus on the bigger perspective

regardless of what is happening around you.  

Transcend beyond the ordinary & Play full out 
from a strong foundation of knowing and trusting as you solidly stand in your being
Hi, I'm Silke  

Living & creating in the countryside of Tennesse with my husband Tim and our Cat Cutie-Pie.

With my own path of Spiritual Growth spanning over 30 years, and integrated knowledge and life experiences, I am now here to share the wisdom I have embodied and be a catalyst of transformation & transcendence for you.

My background includes a multitude of spiritual traditions and healing modalities. I weave my knowledge & lifestyle into this beautiful space, so you can assimilate it all for a spiritually connected life.

It is my mission to activate women to embody their soul essence, step into the fullness of who they are, and flourish from the inside out. 

As a Master Energy Healer, Master Hypnotherapist, Award-winning Artist, and Leading Spiritual Teacher, I have used this eclectic background to intentionally weave layers of healing and high frequencies into every aspect of what I share in a multidimensional way.

If you are ready to make yourself and your personal growth a priority, then I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and abilities to support you, so you can fully tap into your gifts, and flourish!

10/10 Highly recommend subscribing if any of what I shared resonates with you!

“Listening to 'Flourish Your Beauty Premium Podcast' is like having a direct portal into space & time with Silke. Suddenly I'm sitting with her in her garden or having a glass of tea with her in her healing room as she shares what feels like highly personalized support, spiritual teachings & guidance with me. It's truly as if space & time collapse, and I'm transported from wherever I am during my day to this safe, nurturing environment where I can shift into a higher vibrational state & be inspired to keep moving forward on my own spiritual journey. 10/10 Highly recommend subscribing if any of what I shared resonates with you!”

Britt Pearson

like shining gems of wisdom delivered directly to your soul

"Silke's Flourish Your Beauty Podcast is like shining gems of wisdom delivered directly to your soul, bursting with exactly what you need to hear each day to keep you unfurling and flourishing as your true, powerful, feminine self."

Gin Walker

I am more grounded as I move through this time

"I think we're all going through things in this time of transition. The Podcast helps me take a step back & in to create space & peace for myself, so I am more grounded as I move through this time. It forces me to choose myself & everything else stems from that."

Jen Marie

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Inside the Podcast, get:

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  • Tools to consciously Create & Manifest your Reality 
  • Guided messages & relevant Energetic forecasts
  • Practical tips for living a Spiritually-Centered Life
  • Uplifting reminders for daily Rituals & Mindfulness
  • Short Journaling prompts & Meditations to support you
  • References to teachings from my Beauty Flourishing Collective

Please note:

The Podcast Subscription is included in my Beauty Flourishing Collective Membership. 
You can choose to simply subscribe to this Podcast, or join my BFC membership, and get the added benefit of this podcast combined with everything BFC offers. 

At this time we're overstimulated with so much nonsense that doesn't support us. But our Spirit always naturally guides us to the things which truly nurture us and bring expansion. 

Distinguish what you listen to and where you choose to spend your precious energy, and be an active co-creator of your reality  
Because when you commit to your growth, the world responds to you in magical ways

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